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A temporary, drillable plug composed of the same base additives as used in our LCM, the mixture is pumped, without dilution, into the mud system through the drilling rig or coil tubing unit pump or. a cementing unit. In addition to the BN Booster and E2, our patented E-Lock is added in various concentrations to meet the desired compressive strength for the application. The E-Lock is curable and activates at a target temperature of 120°F (49°C), which prevents it from solidifying the mixture before it is deployed. Exact concentrations of E-Lock will vary based on desired compressive strength, usually determined by whether or not directional drilling is to be initiated at the plug. Typical compressive strength is generally designed to mimic the mechanical properties of a brittle shale. The temporary/drillable Plug material is also being evaluated for possible application as a cement alternative for surface and intermediate casing and liners. In this application, the material could be deployed via drilling, coil tubing, and workover rig, eliminating the need for a dedicated cementing crew.

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