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ProTerra LCM is a water-based lost circulation additive that does not disturb the emulsion balance of an oil-based mud and can also be used to mitigate losses in water-based muds.


In an oil-based drilling fluid our two-part product, with a cross-linked high viscosity phase distributed throughout the  drilling fluid system, provides the operator with an “on demand” solution for losses when the BN-Booster activator is added to a system pre-treated with E2.


If an LCM pill is desired, the reaction delay for the pill can be controlled by adjusting the concentrations of BN-Booster and allows for the placement of a completely liquid phase, which will then build viscosity and expand into the loss zone once the pill is spotted.

ProTerra LCM.PNG

ProTerra LCM is, literally, loss insurance for your OBM system!

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